History & Growth

A successful history of a sweater project

Bangladesh is one of the leading ready-made Garments Manufacturer and Exporters country in the World. In good linked with India, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Cambodia, Turkey and other countries, Bangladesh has been catering to the global RMG supply and demand factors. This RMG sector exclusively earns more than 70% of Bangladesh’s foreign currency. As an active member of the Bangladesh Garments Manufacture and Exporters Association (BGMEA), Nexus Group has been playing a vital role in the country’s economy.

Beginning of its journey back in the year 1999 with only 150 machines established in a rented facility, Nexus Group is now one of the leading members of the BGMEA with over 1,400 machines in its own building and having with all modern facilities office to enhance our total performance and to keep liaison to our valuable clients due course including all documentation and correspondences. We have 2, 16,000 sq ft working space in Well environment with over 3,010 skilled employees.

In August 2007-we have added 12 Nos. of very modern & diversified Jacquard/Intarsia machines (Origin: China) in our production line by considering the demand of our existing buyers. We have appointed Chinese technicians for these machines and to train up our local peoples here and also our three designers trained in China at ground based in for 2 months.

This was not easy, it hardship in obtaining essential components for sweater industry in political restlessness, bureaucratic red tape, employment disputes, international trade fluctuation and above all, a very fast changing pace in the sweater industry could not stop our making headway’s. In 2006 Nexus Sweater Ind. Pvt Ltd has exported a total of 2.2 million pieces sweaters to the world markets worth of US D. 9.00 million. It has been possible only because of a continuous support from our loyal and valued customers like you. We sincerely appreciate all; those who supported our relentless efforts to get succeed in this highly competitive market.