From The get go, Nexus Group have been following complete labor compliance mandated by the Government of Bangladesh with strongly follows the ILO protocol. We strongly believe that child labor is an obstacle to a healthy and profitable business. Children are never well well trained and therefore a proven wastage to any company’s bottom line.

Our equipments are new and well maintained by professionals provided by the manufactures and we provide a well ventilated, well spacious workplace for our work staff. Our employees are well trained and regularly attend various training programs organized by BGMEA. More than 90% of our factory workers have been working with us for years. We never use any day-to-day workers in our factory.

We also believe that a well paid and healthy worker can provide a better place for any industry and everyone under our roof has peace of mind knowing that everyone is covered by health and workman compensation insurance. We have MBBS doctors with nursing staff attend our facility round the work shift.

Quality Control

A personalized system of quality control, derived from the very good USA and EEC branded

  • -In the primary stage, all raw yarn entering the plant is checked, evaluated and graded. Inspection are also carried out 100% check if required.

  • -In process quality assurance personnel visit each operator twice daily to perform statistical audit checks to evaluate the work of each operator. 100% inspection is also done in different stages of production and at the end of the line. Daily records are handed to the QC Manager.

  • -The Manager in turn complies the records and hands in a daily report to senior management.

  • -A special team of the inspectors called the ‘final audit section’ also works directly under
    the supervision of senior management and has the entire production area under their jurisdiction to perform random checks. They keep daily records and goods are only packed if they pass their scrutiny.

  • -Entire quality system and make up of quality team can be found in the ‘THE NEXUS QCS’, Manual of the Nexus Quality Control System.

Human Resource (Policies & Benefits)

  • Strictly follow international and Bangladesh Government laws on labor and human resources.
    Minimum age requirements is 18 years
    i.e. there is no child labor.
  • Wages structure meets or exceeds minimum standards required by law
  • Two Festive (Eid Bonuses).
  • Yearly target bonus : Red card Bonus, Personal Target Achievement bonus.
  • Rewarding “Best Workers every month & Year”.
  • Has in-house Training Facility for entry level workers.
  • Has drinking water station in each floor.
  • All safety features are carefully maintained with abundant fire extinguishers, exits prominently marked and central fire alarm.