It is our immense pleasure to inform all of our honourable clients and well wishers that 1) Nexus Sweater Ind. (Pvt.) Ltd. 2) Nexus Design Ltd. 3) Nexus Fashion Ltd. and 4) Nexus Knitwear Ltd. A sister concern of NEXUS GROUP, has just started it’s journey to play a vital role in the economic development of Bangladesh like other component organization of NEXUS GROUP. By the good grace of Almighty, the factory begins it’s operation with a commitment to ensure the quality products and efficient services with concrete policy towards it’s clients on November 20, 2006 at Joydebpur, Gazipur, just 16 kilometer away metropolitan city of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Nexus Group has established on it’s own buildings having 216,000 sq ft of working area with elevator facility adron with over 10 machines in different gauges and hiring more than 60 skilled employees for circular knitting division and also 334 different machines with 830 skilled manpower to keep operative the knit Garments Division.

We are detailing here our factory profile mentioning the product manufacture by us which will definitely aminate you with feelings to introduce a new business relationship based on reliability among us to meet the present criteria this time of globalization.

Factory Floor Space

Our factory has 8 floor. Each floor space is 27,000 sq ft. Total floor space is 27,000 X 8 = 216,000 sq ft

Factory Floor Information

Name of Floor Description of Floor
7th Floor Canteen, Workshop, Restroom and Accessories store
6th Floor Knitting
5th Floor Knitting
4th Floor Winding and Warehouse
3rd Floor Knitting
2nd Floor Linking
1st Floor Trimming, Minding, Sample and Office
Ground Floor Finishing, Doctor’s room, Childcare and Daycare center

A Journey of a Composite knit project

To keep trend and demand of world fashion market- Nexus Fashion Ltd. have established in the year 2006 as sister concern company of NEXUS GROUP with 12 lines of sewing machines (consisted with site modern sewing machines, Brand: “Juki”, Japan) with its capacity of knitting facility and to be expanding a total complete composite unit very soon.

List of Machineries for Circular Knit Division (100 % Lycra Attachment)

SN Dia Type Produced Fabrics Gauge Feeder Brand Origine Capacity
1 19” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 57 SANDA TAIWAN 200 kg
2 20” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 60 SANDA TAIWAN 210 kg
3 21” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 63 SANDA TAIWAN 220 kg
4 22” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 66 SANDA TAIWAN 230 kg
5 23” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 69 SANDA TAIWAN 240 kg
6 24” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 72 SANDA TAIWAN 250 kg
7 25” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 75 SANDA TAIWAN 260kg
8 28” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 84 SANDA TAIWAN 280 kg
9 30” S/J PK,D/PK,LACOST,D/L 24 90 SANDA TAIWAN 300 kg
10 36” S/J AL KINDS 24/18 58 SANDA TAIWAN 320 kg

List of Machineries for Kint Garments Division

SN Name of Machine Model Brand Origine Quantity
1 Cloth Cutting Machine KS. AU-V-10″ K.M Japan 2 Set
2 Cloth Cutting Machine KS.AU-V-8″ K.M Japan 12Set
3 Rib Cutting Machine SM-601 Ideal Taiwan 3 Sets
4 End Cutter Machine EC-3 Eastman Taiwan 1 Set
5 Lockstitch Sewing Machine DDL-8300N Juki China 120 Sets
6 Stitching Machine MF-7823-U10-B56 Masayuki Morimoto Juki China 20 Sets
MF-7723-U10-B56 Juki China 5 Sets
MF-7723-U10-B56 Juki China 25 Sets
7 Overlook Machine MO6743S-BE6-44H/G39 Juki China 85 Sets
8 Flatlock Stitch Machine Juki China 34 Sets
9 Safety Stitch Mal. Purpose MO-6743S-1D6-40H Juki China 5 Sets
MO-6716S-DE4-40H Juki China 8 Sets
10 Chainstitch Machine MO-6743S-1D6-40H Kansai Japan 8 Sets
11 Computer Control button Machine LBS-1790S/MC601KSS Juki Japan 3 Set
12 Chainstitch Machine MS-1190MF Juki China 3 Set
13 Com. Control Bartack Machine LK-1900A-SS/MC596 Juki China 1 Set
14 Elastic Inserting Sewing Machine DFB-1404 Kansai Japan 1 Set
15 Auto Strapping Machine JW-602 TOYO Taiwan 2 Sets
16 Spotting Table Equipment NP-798C Nissin Japan 2 Sets
17 Electric Snap Button NS-45 NGAI China 1 Set
18 Kansai Special Juki Japan 3 Sets

Flat Knitting Machines (Brand-Flying tiger)

Flat Knit 2,32,200 Pieces Per Month

Gauge Nos of Machine Production
3gg 200 Nos 40,000 Pieces Per Month
5gg 200 Nos 36,400 Pieces Per Month
7gg 700 Nos 48,800 Pieces Per Month
12gg 1,050 Nos 1,09,000 Pieces Per Month
Total 1,750 Nos 2,34,200 Pieces Per Month

Supporting: 2 sets Tape Flat Knitting machine 3/5/7G and 2 sets Belt Flat Knitting Machine 5G & 7G

Computerized Jacquard / Intarsia Machine

100 % computerized Jacquard/ Intarsia 1,73,700 Pieces Per Month

Gauge Wise Capacity

Gauge Nos of Machine Per Day Per Month Remarks
12 GG 50 Nos 1,425 Pieces 37,050 Pieces Double
7.2 GG 30 Nos 1,000 Pieces 2,600 Pieces Single
7 GG 12 Nos 230 Pieces 6,000 Pieces Pure 7gg
5/7 GG 123 Nos 3,025 Pieces 78,650 Pieces
3 GG 25 Nos 750 Pieces 19,500 Pieces
STEIGER 10 Nos 250 Pieces 6,500 Pieces Multigauge
Total: 250 Nos 6,680 Pieces 1,73,700 Pieces

Jacquard production capacity: 1,73,700 Pieces.

Dial Linking Machine

120 Nos 6gg, 210 Nos 8gg, 400 Nos 14gg and 40 Nos 16gg Dial Linking Machine

Winding Machine

20 Sets 12 spindles, 10 Sets 8 spindles and 10 Sets 7 spindles Winding Machine

Washing Machine

3 Sets 150kgs Washing Machine

Hydro Extractor

3 Sets 150kgs Hydro Extractor Machine.

Drying Machine

2 Sets 150kgs, 2 Sets 75kgs and 2 Sets 80kgs Drying Machine


1 Set 1000kgs and 1 Set 800kgs Boiler Machine.

Stream Iron

120 Sets Stream Iron Machine.

Sewing Machine

100 Sets Plain Machine, 20 Sets Overlook, 6 Sets Button Hole, 6 Sets Button Stitch, 8 Sets Bartak, 10 Sets Flatlock Machine, 1 Set Metal Director and 4 Sets Eye-let Machine.

Light Checking Table

12 Sets Light Checking Table.

Diesel Generator

3 Sets Diesel Generator (1000 KVA + 700 X 2 KVA).

Factory Worker Information

Department Person
Winding To Knitting 1,500 Person
Liking 400 person
Finishing 700 Person
Quality Control 40 Person
Merchandiser 20 Person
Commercial 10 Person
Accounting 10 Person
Human Resource 20 Person
Swing 300 Person

Factory location

Our Factory is situated just outside of Dhaka Metropolitan city, only 16 kilometers away from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (Zia International Airport) and adjacent to the Dhaka Mymenshing highway.