Type of Products

All types of knitted Polo Shirt, T-shirt, Knit Trouser, Knit Shorts, Sweat Shirt, Vest, Pajama Set, Fleece Jacket, Jogging Suits, Tank Top & Fashionable any type of T-Shirt etc. for Ladies, Gents and Children’s.

Product Capability

Basic T-Shirt=20,000 Pieces per day. and Pk Polo Shirt=10,000 Pieces per day. All kinds of sweater (V-Neck, Round Neck, Polo Neck, Mock Neck etc).

Our Products Made By

  • 100% Acrylic
  • 100% Cotton
  • 50% Acrylic / 50% Cotton
  • 50 % Acrylic / 50% Wool
  • 70 %Acrylic / 30% Wool
  • 100 %Acrylic mohaiv like
  • 100 % Acrylic cotton
  • 100% Acrylic Wool like
  • 100 % Lambswool
  • 100 %Merino Wool
  • 85 % Acrylic 15% Wool
  • 100 % Acrylic Chenille
  • And other blended yarn

Quality Control

A personalized system of quality control, derived from the very good USA and EEC branded customers manual of quality control has been developed.

  • In the primary stage, all raw yarn entering the plant is checked, evaluated and graded. Inspection are also carried out 100% check if required.
  • In process quality assurance personnel visit each operator twice daily to perform statistical audit checks to evaluate the work of each operator. 100% inspection is also done in different stages of production and at the end of the line. Daily records are handed to the QC Manager. The Manager in turn complies the records and hands in a daily report to senior management.
  • A special team of the inspectors called the ‘final audit section’ also works directly under the supervision of senior management and has the entire production area under their jurisdiction to perform random checks. They keep daily records and goods are only packed if they pass their scrutiny.
  • At all points records are maintained of fabrics, garments quality and measurement checks.
  • Entire quality system and make up of quality team can be found in the ‘THE NEXUS QCS’, Manual of the Nexus Quality Control System.